CounterFakeM303_For Fullcome

Observation/Findings on MAGNA 303 Gold – The pictures and materials obtained during the online purchase notarization against the target “HEBEI NAIDI” – September.2023

MAGNA 303 Gold觀察/發現-針對目標「河北某公司」進行網購公證時所獲得的圖片與資料 – 2023年9月


Magna 303 Gold (Size: 5/32”)

Pic 1. Picture of “Suspicious Fake Magna 303 Gold-

size: 5/32”


Pic 2. Genuine MAGNA White label and Logo


Pic 3. Picture of “Suspicious fake Magna 303 Gold-

size: 5/32”

圖3.「仿冒MAGNA 萬能303精裝焊條」圖片



Referring to the picture showing the white label <Pic 1. on the left> of the fake Magna 303 Gold, please note that請參考仿冒Magna 303 Gold的白色標籤圖片<左圖1>,請注意:

1/ We have traced the sales history of batch no. 922823 and found that this number was designated for other Magna product – Magna 777 in 2013. This batch number (922823) is not for Magna 303 Gold- size

我們追蹤了批次號碼的銷售歷史。 922823,發現這個編號是為另種Magna產品-2013年為Magna 777設立的。這個批號(922823)不適用於Magna 303 Gold-size: 5/32”.

2/ We never have the code number (M303B) shown in the picture. The correct code number for Magna 303 Gold of size – 5/32” is M303L. 我們從來沒有圖中顯示的程式碼(M303B)。尺寸為 5/32”的 Magna 303 Gold 正確代碼是 M303L.

3/ Can tell that the target tried to imitate the “Magna “logo” on top left of the label – we changed the “TM” mark to “R” mark few years ago, and the style of the word “MAGNA” is not the same as ours.<please see (Pic.2) – Genuine “MAGNA” white label and logo on the left for reference>.可以看出,目標試圖模仿標籤左上角的“Magna”標誌—幾年前我們把“TM”標誌改為“R”標誌,“MAGNA”字樣的風格也和我們不太一樣。<請參閱(圖2) – 左側正品「MAGNA」白色標籤和標誌以供參考>。

4/ Size <at the bottom of the white label> shown should be: “5/32” – 8g

– 3.96mm

顯示的尺寸<白色標籤底部>應為:「5/32」 – 8g

– 3.96毫米


Pic 4. We put the white label on the bottom of a pulp tray >> then vacuum pack the rods and the tray.


5/ Re the white label on top of the plastic vacuum pack of the fake Magna 303 Gold (Pic. 3 on the left), this is not how we label the pack.

We put the white label on a pulp tray holding the rods and then vacuum-pack. Please see (Pic. 4) on the left in the next page, showing that correct packaging. 仿冒的假 Magna 303 Gold 塑膠真空包裝頂部的白色標籤(左圖 3),這不是我們在包裝上的標籤。我們將白色標籤貼在裝有焊條的紙漿托盤上,然後真空包裝。請參考下頁左側(圖4),顯示正確的包裝。


In conclusion, the Magna 303 Gold (size:5/32”) bought online from HEBEI NAIDI (or the target) is not genuine Magna product.

綜上所述,從河北某公司(或目標)互聯網上購買的Magna 萬能303 Gold(尺寸:5/32”)並非Magna 萬能正品。