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Observation/Findings on MAGNA 770 based on the pictures in the file “Material Obtained from the Notarized Purchase”

根據「從公證採購中獲得的材料」中的圖片文件對 MAGNA 770 進行的觀察/發現


Magna 770

Pic.1 — Page 11 of your PDF file

圖 1——PDF 文件的第 11 頁

Pic.2 — Page 12 of your PDF file

圖 2——PDF 文件的第 12 頁

Pic.3 — Page 12 of your PDF file

圖 3——PDF 文件的第 12 頁


Please refer to the white label and the rods as per the picture (Pic.1) showing our 2 packs of Magna 770. 請參閱白色標籤和如圖所示的焊條(圖 1),其中顯示了我們的 2 包 Magna 770。

Based on the picture (Pic.2) showing the white label, we have traced the sales history of batch no. 923743 and found that this number was designated for other Magna products – Magna 777 which Jinan Hanyuan bought in 2013. 根據白色標籤圖片(圖2),我們追蹤到了批次編號為923743的銷售歷史,發現這個號碼是為Magnax萬能另種產品設立的-濟南某公司2013年購買的Magna萬能777。

This batch number is not for Magna 770. In addition, the marking on the rods shown in the picture (Pic.3) look very poor in quality. The font-style used is different from ours. The “net Quantity” is wrong. 該批號不適用於Magna 770。此外,圖片(圖3)中所示的焊條上的標記看起來品質很差。使用的字體樣式與我們的不同。 〝淨重〞錯誤。

In conclusion, the batch number “923743” is for Magna 777, not Magna 770.  Plus, the markings on the rods look suspicious.  Hence, pretty sure (over 90%) that the Magna 770 bought by your office online (as shown in the pictures on the left) from Jinan Hanyuan is not genuine Magna 770. 總之,批號「923743」適用於 Magna 777,而不是 Magna 770。另外,焊條上的標記看起來十分可疑。因此,非常確定(超過90%)您辦公室在互聯網上(如左圖所示)從濟南某公司購買的Magna 萬能770不是正品Magna 萬能770。