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This is a matter related to Magna brand in PPF segment.  Now, we would like to summarize the subject case as below for your easy reference.

這是與ITW PPF旗下的Magna 萬能品牌相關的問題。現將本案例概括說明如下,供大家參考。


Per instruction of Jay, we conducted online cleansing search for Magna brand and detected the target  萨立德焊材(苏州)有限公司 (in English: Sarlid Welding Material Suzhou Co., Ltd, “Sarlid”) who is broadly selling suspicious Magna products on We conducted notarized purchase against it and learnt the product we purchased is fake. Then, we filed AIC complaint against Sarlid. But the local AIC refused our complaint but just added Sarlid into the catalogue of enterprises with irregular operations, since Sarlid had no actual place for business in their jurisdictions. Then, we proactively communicated with Sarlid and learnt all the Magna products were from 济南焊源焊材有限公司 (in English: Jinan Hanyuan Welding Material Co., Ltd, “Hanyuan”). Then, we took related actions against Jinan Hanyuan to pursue its liability. As for Sarlid, we added Sarlid into our watching list to monitor its online acts and business status every three months.

根據Jay的指示,我們對Magna品牌進行了線上清理搜索,並檢測到目標薩德焊材(蘇州)有限公司(英文:Sarlid Welding Material蘇州有限公司,“Sarlid”)廣泛銷售可疑的Magna產品 於1688. com 網站。我們對其進行了公證購買,得知我們購買到的產品是假貨。然後,我們向 AIC 提交了針對 Sarlid 的投訴。但當地工商局拒絕了我們的投訴,只是將Sarlid列入經營不正規企業目錄,因為Sarlid在其管轄範圍內沒有實際經營場所。隨後,我們主動與Sarlid溝通,得知Magna 萬能所有產品均來自濟南漢源焊材有限公司(英文:Jinan Hanyuan Welding Material Co., Ltd,「漢源」)。隨後,我們對濟南漢源採取了相關行動,追究其責任。至於Sarlid,我們將Sarlid加入觀察名單中,每三個月監控其線上行為和業務狀況。


Up till now, our second round of monitoring against the online acts of Sarlid is completed.  The monitoring result reveals that Sarlid did not sell any products of Magna brand on its 1688 store, and confirmed no further infringement thereon.

至此,我們已經完成了對Sarlid網路行為的第二輪監控。監測結果顯示,Sarlid在其1688網上店內並未銷售任何Magna 萬能品牌的產品,確認其不再構成侵權。


Also, we rechecked the business record and confirm it is still in the catalogue of enterprises with irregular operations. According to our latest communication with the officer in Canglang AIC, the target did not go to Canglang AIC office in person for this matter.



Any questions, please feel free to let us know.